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Schools & Educational Institutions

Schools & Educational Institutions

Educational institutions lay the foundation for the future of our children. Master Guard Security protects that foundation today.

Although our schools and colleges are supposed to be safe places to teach and learn, the news frequently reminds us that schools are the setting for high-profile incidents. Schools and Institutions of Higher Learning must be prepared to deal with threats of all kinds, including weather emergencies, bullying, lockdown situations, violent assault, and active shooters.

Master Guard Security answers to your needs and specific objectives, through our security solutions, including advanced campus training programs, to support campus protocols and to provide a safe tomorrow for our children and their teachers.

One solution for School Security and Institutions of Higher Learning is to utilize the most advanced electronic surveillance technology, which remotely monitors 24/7 your CCTV feed, along with highly trained personnel and experienced management, at affordable prices. Our guards are being monitored through GPS and high-end digital camera technology to ensure the highest levels of responsibility and reliability.

Because we are very selective regarding our staff, here at Master Guard Security, we have implemented stringent criteria for our security officers. They have experience and skills, they are devoted, responsible, and have the professional knowledge needed to work in the most difficult conditions. They are an elite group, highly trained, comprised predominantly of military veterans, security experts and specialists that can provide the protection you and your community need. All our specialists are licensed and undergo complete background checks, which include criminal records, digital fingerprints, and drug testing, and follow a professional training program that covers all the areas required by state law, to provide the best trained security personnel for educational institutions. The resulted officers will have the ability to prevent, detect, and solve potential threats to life and property with the help of advanced surveillance technology and access control techniques.

Before assigning officers to your facility, we carefully analyze all the requirements and information provided, so that we can select for you the most suitable officers, which would work well within your school’s culture. Also, depending on the needs of your organization, we can provide security agents who speak other languages besides English, or who are CPR/AED certified.

Master Guard Security is always up to date with the latest technologies and security software, so we can provide the highest levels of professional school security. With our innovative approach to total security solutions, Master Guard Security offers to its clients maximized security services that are both efficient and affordable. Thanks to our commitment to the best interest of our clients, Master Guard Security can build long-lasting professional relationships, and help them to focus on their business, while we focus on ours; keeping their students, employees, and educational institutions safe.