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Master Guard Security is a California based security company that was founded from our desire to make people feel safe and ease their lives. We address to commercial, residential, institutional, and individual clients, who need competent security services which meet their expectations and needs. In our security programs, we use proven strategies and cutting-edge technology to provide the security solutions that will keep specific individuals, groups, companies, and locations safe.

Being one of the top respected companies nationwide, we create personalized security plans and security solutions for a wide variety of challenges. Our security services include highly trained security officers, innovative surveillance and access control systems, and expert security consultants. Master Guard Security has the necessary knowledge to provide professional, high value security services that makes clients feels safe.

Our main goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, and to provide a single mean of communication to make sure that all the issues are addressed and solved right away. We have experience, professionalism, and highly trained personnel in every service we offer.  Through our security services, we will make sure we find the right solution that meets and exceed your expectations.

A Letter From The CEO

Dear Client, 

Nowadays, venue risks have shifted from minor crimes and behaviors to something seriously different. Creating a safe environment is essential to extend security and protect against liability at both personal and business levels.

Master Guard Security responds to these challenges with experience and knowledge to perfectly fulfill your personal and commercial security goals, listen to clients’ needs, appoint trained and experienced employees, and keeping up with both technological innovations and new criminal behaviors. With a keen focus on creativity, efficiency, customer service, and value, our leadership is capable of creating and implementing proven security strategies.

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