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Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Ideal healthcare cannot be managed in an environment filled with fear and intimidation. Master Guard Security will provide peerless medical security services for both small community-based hospitals or offices and major medical centers. For our personalized security plans we work with clinic and hospital security directors, and we utilize human resources and cutting-edge technology to provide your facility with the best security service at affordable prices.

Besides securing your property and protecting your staff, patients and visitors, we also use the controlled substances security manual guidelines for security of controlled substances and other medications and supplies.

Master Guard Security’s Hospitals and Medical Facilities security services include:

  • Access and perimeter control
  • Cutting-edge technology for surveillance
  • Roving patrol
  • Parking lot escort services
  • Vehicles for maintaining your existing security plan.

It’s more important than ever to invest in advanced hospital security services, and Master Guard Security personalized security plans can help your facility in:

  • Maximizing safety and security for your employees, physicians, patients, and visitors
  • Reducing incidents of workplace violence from both patients and visitors, and prevent conflicts
  • Maintaining safety and security inside and outside your healthcare facility
  • Reducing or eliminating theft of supplies
  • Maintaining security of controlled substances
  • Providing peace of mind for your personnel, patients, and visitors through a professional security presence

Master Guard Security will meet all of your healthcare and hospital security goals by providing your facility with cutting-edge technology and highly trained personnel. Our officers undergo a strenuous training program and will have the ability to use advanced surveillance techniques to identify and prevent, detect, and solve potential threats to life and property, including emergencies, such as natural disasters, fire, and power failure. We require our officers to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, contributing to a more comfortable environment for your patients and staff.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities security officers provided by Master Guard Security are required to prepare frequent reports and be fluent in conflict resolution techniques to ensure the optimal functioning of the daily operations of your healthcare facility.

Master Guard Security is committed to being up-to-date with the newest security technologies so that we can meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our implemented technologies will enhance your security while it will reduce costs. With our innovative approach to total security solutions, Master Guard Security offers to its clients maximized security services that are both efficient and affordable, and cutting-edge technology, integrated with world-class expertise to minimize risks, for healthcare facilities.