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Consulates & Embassies

Consulates & Embassies

To be able to operate safely, embassies and consulates need a higher level of security due to the large number of threats they are exposed to, both domestically and around the world. Master Guard Security works closely with local embassies and consulates to create personalized security plans that suits their safety needs, including particular threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and general operations.

We utilize human resources and cutting-edge technology to provide your facility with the best security service at affordable prices. Simultaneously with our services, we can provide specialized equipment to optimize security, as follows:

  • Metal detectors
  • Weapons detection
  • Cameras/ surveillance
  • Physical inspections

Master Guard Security offers the newest security technologies so that we can meet and exceed our clients’ needs. We provide to our clients a seamless security experience through our comprehensive security solutions that utilizes cutting-edge technology to maximize security.

Master Guard Security officers are licensed, trained and highly skilled in the use of this technology.

For ensuring a prompt response to any incident or threat, Master Guard Security utilizes the most advanced electronic surveillance technology, enhanced by 24/7 monitoring, licensed and highly experienced personnel.

Master Guard Security offers only highly trained and motivated personnel that is specifically selected and trained to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. All our specialists are licensed and follow a professional training program and provide the best security solutions for embassies and consulates. Our officers have the ability to prevent, detect, and solve potential threats to life and property, including emergencies, such as fire, medical, natural disasters, and power failure. They will know how to utilize advanced surveillance techniques, identify criminal activity, and be on the watch for planned acts of terrorism. We can also provide certified CPR/AED officers or multilingual agents if needed.