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Research Facilities

Research Facilities

Master Guard Security is providing top-class research facility security services to high-grade clients. We offer flawless top security services 24/7, at competitive prices.

Among others, our security officers’ services include:

  • Guiding visitors
  • Supporting faculty with miscellaneous tasks
  • Identity checks and verifications
  • Patrolling the building or campus
  • Controlling and regulating points of entries

Master Guard Security is one of the top investigation and protection companies on the market that makes clients feel safe by protecting them and their assets. We are specialized in exclusive and discreet research and government protection services.

Master Guard Security takes pride in offering the best budget-friendly research facility security services and solutions on the market, including highly-trained security officers that will meet and exceed your needs.

In a research facility with administrative and technical control, hardware theft or vandalism may occur. Many research facilities do not concentrate on technical and administrative control, therefore, timely detection of a breach is unlikely to happen.

Having a research facility security plan implemented can prevent damages, unauthorized personnel, and robbery of critical electronic devices and components.

Master Guard Security will ensure the safety of your enclosure by keeping anyone who is trying to break-in or hack in to manipulate smart cards away. Our security solutions include physical intrusion detection systems, alarm structures, and other defense strategies.

In general, the easiest targets are portable devices like cellular devices, laptops, and USB drives. Using RFID structures and cable locks can help prevent theft.

Master Guard Security offers high-class security guards and services that will help your research center save millions of dollars’ worth of damage directly or indirectly.