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Auto Dealership Security Services


Auto dealership is a world of opportunities for experienced thieves unless there is adequate security. Statistics suggest that car thefts are quite a common occurrence in the world of crime.Stealing a car is a very easy job for an experienced car thief. Therefore, auto dealerships should implement specialized security guard services to prevent these costly incidents.

Some thieves steal the entire car, while others target valuable auto parts such as side mirrors, windshield wipers, wheel covers, emblems, lights, tires, etc. To steal these parts it only takes couple of minutes for experienced thieves. For this matter, Master Guard Security can provide the needed security solutions to prevent theft entirely – CCTV camera systems, trained guards, and other security measures.

Car vandalism is another costly and unpleasant situation that can take place in auto dealerships. It is possible to prevent this if there is a proper surveillance system, with 24/7 monitoring. When it comes to preventing car theft and vandalism, cutting-edge surveillance technology with on-site security guards represents a complete security system for auto dealerships. To help you prevent these incidents, Master Guard Security can bring you all these benefits at competitive prices.

Our guards are trained not only to deal with outside threat, but to threats inside the dealership as well. This can range from employees that engage in theft or other dishonest activities, or disgruntled employees who may resolve to violence after a workplace argument. Master Guard Security can offer you trained security guards that are able to identify these incidents and take the necessary precautions. Nowadays, almost all the participating auto dealerships tend to use technology to ensure the security of their employees, visitors/customers, and valuable goods. The automated technology-based security systems, along with trained guards, can fulfill your security needs, fill the void, and make a complete security solution.

Master Guard Security trained officers are prepared in emergencies as well. They have the ability to detect, prevent, and solve potential threats to life and property, including emergencies, such as fire, medical, natural disasters, and power failure. They also can assist your potential customers by providing them guidance to the right places or people when they visit your facilities.