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Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations’ goal is to help others, and a sad reality of modern times is that sometimes, they can become a target to those who have an opposing point of view.

Charitable organizations are not exempt from violence, vandalism, theft, and acts of terrorism. Master Guard Security will work with your non-profit organization and will find security solutions for everyday and unexpected safety issues.

We will design personalized security plans tailored to your specific needs regarding vandalism, theft, fire, acts of terrorism, and other violent attacks.

For ensuring a prompt response to any incident or threat, Master Guar Security utilizes the most advanced electronic surveillance technology, which remotely monitors 24/7 your CCTV feed, along with highly trained personnel and experienced management, at affordable prices.

Our security officers are subjected to a rigorous training program, resulting in certified security officers who will have the ability to prevent, detect, and solve potential threats to life and property, including emergencies, such as fire, medical, natural disasters, and power failure. They possess knowledge of utilization of advanced surveillance techniques, identifying criminal activity, and being on the watch for planned acts of terrorism.

We can also provide you with certified CPR/AED officers or multi-lingual security officers if needed.

Master Guard Security has a vast experience with all security aspects included in special events and security solutions that will allow you to relax and focus on your mission. Simultaneously with our services, we can provide specialized equipment to optimize security for special events, as as:

  • Metal detectors
  • Cameras
  • Communication technology
  • Roving Patrol
  • Armed Security