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Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

Master Guard Security is committed to providing your hotel/motel guests the security they need.

Our security solutions include providing your hospitality industry with security professionals who understand and meet your specific security needs. All of our agents can prevent, detect, and solve potential threats to life and property, including emergencies, such as fire, medical, natural disasters, planned acts of terrorism, and power failure. If needed, we can deploy to your facility CPR/AED certified and multilingual officers.

All our security officers have experience and knowledge to work in motels, hotels and are trained in accordance with the local laws and regulations.

Among others, their specialized duties include:

  • Notifying the building occupants and evacuating whenever there is a fire
  • Aiding in evacuation of a building in the case of an emergency
  • conducting fire safety drills as required
  • Deescalating violent situations, escorting out troublesome/unwanted visitors, vagrants and trespassers.

Master Guard Security can help optimize security for any special event that is held at your hotel by providing you with trained personnel and specialized equipment, such as:

  • Metal detectors
  • Cameras
  • Communication technology
  • Armed Security

With Master Guard Security you can be sure that your facilities and its occupants will be safe when special events are being held on your premises.

With our innovative approach to total security solutions, Master Guard Security offers to its clients maximized security services that are both efficient and affordable, along cutting-edge technology, integrated with world-class expertise to minimize risks for hotels and motels. Our commitment to our clients and to their best interest made us build lasting relationships that help them focus on their business, while we focus on ours.