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Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana Dispensary Security Experts

Secure your Life and Property

The security of lives and property is something that should never be taken for granted. Whether you are an individual or a business entity, protecting your life and property is of utmost importance. No one wants to feel unsafe in their own home and at work, so having valued security measures at both places will go a long way in dousing tension.

The need for security becomes even more important when you own or work at high-risk businesses. The risk of vandalisation, burglary, theft, and armed robbery attacks is a real and present danger in such establishments.

High-risk businesses such as Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are constantly a prime target of criminals who seek to relieve them of their marijuana stock and money. However, by deploying the services of professional security outfits like Master Guard Security, you would have taken a big step in reinforcing your security.

The Marijuana Dispensary Experience

While majority of the states in the U.S have legally authorized the distribution and use of medical marijuana, this has not provided much of a relief to medical marijuana dispensaries.

This is because marijuana is still classed as a Schedule 1 controlled substance under federal law. The ambiguity in the laws governing the distribution and use of marijuana has led to a thriving black market. For criminal elements, the ever rising demand for marijuana on the streets has made the need to supply the drug a priority and this is usually done by any means necessary.

This has led to legally operating medical marijuana dispensaries being an easy target for burglars, thieves, and armed robbers. Apart from the stock of medical marijuana at these dispensaries being stolen, the lives of owners and staff are also at risk of serious harm.

In addition, there are still a good number of banks that blatantly deny deposits from medical marijuana dispensaries. Rather than make use of credit card, POS services, and even bank transfers, medical marijuana dispensaries are now forced to accept cash from their clients. With a sizable amount of marijuana and cash all at the same place, these dispensaries have become easy pickings for criminals.

Security Providers avoid Marijuana Dispensaries

Many security providers like ADT are wary of contracting their services to dispensaries. Their reason for refusing to offer their services to dispensaries is that marijuana is still regarded as illegal under U.S federal law. They regard medical marijuana dispensaries as an exceedingly high-risk business that they should not be involved in protecting.

Many Dispensaries deploy Primitive Security Measures

On their own part, many medical marijuana dispensaries try to secure themselves from criminals in a number of ways. For starters, federal law requires that these dispensaries deploy the services of security guards and to also make use of surveillance cameras. The problem is, many security outfits are reluctant to secure medical marijuana dispensaries.  So many employ the services of unprofessional and untrained security guards. As the dispensaries close for the day, they become vulnerable to attack by experienced robbers who know how to bypass CCTV cameras and who can easily disarm untrained security guards.

Master Guard Security Your Smart Choice for Securing Marijuana Dispensaries

When it comes to securing medical marijuana dispensaries, Master Guard Security is your best choice. We are a security outfit that focuses on innovation, performance, customer service, and value. Our leadership has years of security protection. We listen to clients, keep abreast of technological innovations, and provide trained, experienced individuals to achieve your personal and commercial security goals. Master Guard Security is the number one choice for individuals, corporate executives, commercial and residential property owners, retail stores, infrastructure builders, schools, and organizations across the country including medical marijuana dispensaries.

Master Guard Security delivers high value—we are unwilling to cut corners, underbid and expose clients to legal problems down the road. Our security guards and employees are carefully screened. They are a thinking, educated staff, with demonstrated on-the-job performance – to ensure client satisfaction at all times. Personal attention to individual parameters, the use of the best technology and a well-researched plan are our most valuable tools. To us, it’s all about results.