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About Master Guard Security

About Master Guard Security

Master Guard Security is a California based security company that was founded from our desire to make people feel safe and ease their lives. We address to commercial, residential, institutional, and individual clients, who need competent security services that meet their expectations and needs. In our security programs, we use proven strategies and cutting edge technology to provide the security solutions that will keep specific individuals, groups, companies, and/or locations safe.

Master Guard Security is proud to offer the following services to our clients:

  • Expert risk assessment
  • Qualified, trained professionals
  • State-of-the-art equipment and new technology
  • 24/7 exceptional customer care services
  • Hands-on management
  • Security management software

We have a successful evaluation and implementation process tailored to your needs, and the ability to respond prompt to your requests.

Master Guard Security’s main goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, and to provide a single mean of communication to make sure that all the issues are addressed and solved right away. We have experience, professionalism, and highly trained personnel in every service we offer.  Through our security services, we will make sure we find the right solution that meets and exceed your expectations.  We are confident we will do a great job at fulfilling your needs.

Because real security challenges require real security solutions, we provide our clients with competent and highly qualified professionals, including multilingual security officers and on-site security directors, to provide a safe and secure environment.