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Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings

Master Guard Security is recognized as the most professional and highest quality security company in the industry in residential security solutions. We have combined manpower with state-of-art technology in home & residential building security services to meet the particular concerns of residential communities. Master Guard Security home & residential building security services address to high-rise rental buildings, luxury condominiums, gated communities, apartment complexes, and Home Owners Associations.

Master Guard Security offers solutions for every security issue, from highly personalized security plans, hands-on management to qualified, well-trained officers. All of these, combined with cutting edge technology, makes Master Guard Security a great company, where we find residential security solutions that are customized for each building or community.

When it comes to home & residential building security, our goal is to make sure that your residential building security plan is effective on a daily basis, meaning we are constantly looking for improvements in security technology. Our excellence comes from combining highly trained guards and the right technology. The residential security solutions that we provide are effective for what your community needs.

With us, you won’t have to change the security company for an up-to-date program because right from the start we will work to offer you the right security officers, multilingual agents with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, at the disposal of your location.

With a very low rate of staff turnover, we can offer you a constant presence of the same professional staff, resulting in a continuity of services, and making your residents feel more comfortable in your building.

In case of absence or emergency, we have highly-trained officers on stand-by, ready to intervene and fulfill the needs of your organization, and moreover, our management is ready to get involved directly also.

One solution, in our process of finding a suitable residential security plan for our clients, might be utilizing the most advanced electronic surveillance technology, which remotely monitors 24/7 your CCTV feed, along with highly trained personnel and experienced management, at affordable prices. Our staff is being monitored through GPS and high-end digital camera technology to ensure the highest levels of responsibility and reliability.

All our specialists are licensed and undergo complete background checks, which include criminal records, digital fingerprints, and drug testing, and follow a professional training program that covers all the areas required by state laws. Resulted officers will have the ability to prevent, detect, and solve potential threats to life and property, including emergencies, such as fire, medical, natural disasters, and power failure. They will know how to utilize advanced surveillance techniques, identify criminal activity, and be on the watch for planned acts of terrorism.

To ensure the optimal functioning of daily operations, Master Guard Security subjects its residential security officers to ongoing training by requiring them, among others, to prepare frequent reports and be fluent in conflict resolution techniques. We can also provide certified CPR/AED officers.