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Construction Sites

Construction Sites

The key element for construction sites to be able to stay within the budget is to minimize losses due to theft, pilferage, vandalism, and liability. Master Guard Security takes pride in offering the best budget-friendly construction site security solutions on the market, including superior manpower and cutting-edge technology.

Master Guard Security has vast experience and works closely with the local law enforcement agencies to create personalized security solutions and optimize security on your construction site.

The biggest threats we have seen in construction sites are as follows:

  • Work disruption caused by protesters or labor conflicts
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Liability created by trespassers
  • Theft of equipment, supplies, and services on the part of contractors and subcontractors

When we first arrive at your construction site, we will start with a risk analysis, and then we will create a specific construction site security plan that will meet your needs.  Our security solutions will include highly trained, licensed officers and new security technology to address security needs, loss prevention and control. To ensure the optimal functioning of daily operations, our construction site security officers comply with OSHA regulations.

Depending upon the security needs of your construction site, Master Guard Security may supplement your security services with the following:

  • Reports of all site activities at agreed upon intervals
  • Perimeter checks
  • Reports on construction equipment left behind
  • Turning off generators and other machineries that were left on by forgetful staff
  • Tracking of contractors and subcontractors hours
  • Security attendant’s booth,
  • The newest security technologies
  • Patrol vehicles

Master Guard Security offers the latest in security technology which helps us meet the needs of all of our clients, regardless of whether they are construction sites or an established enterprise. Our cutting-edge technology will enhance your security while it will reduce costs, and it can be integrated seamlessly with automated access systems. Our personalized construction site security solutions minimize security risks, reduce theft and other losses, and support profitability. Master Guard Security provides the most comprehensive, reliable and professional security available for construction sites.