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Retirement Homes Nursing Homes Assisted Living

Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes & Assisted Living

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

Master Guard Security has years of knowledge when it comes to CCRC security; we have created a security system for retirement homes that is the result of decade long experience in this sector. We offer you experienced and highly qualified armed and unarmed security guards and agents. All our officers (bodyguards, armed guards, unarmed guards and security agents) are military veterans or security experts and specialists with years of experience. Not only do we provide highly qualified Security Officers, but we are confident that our Security Officers have the best communication and customer service skills that would result with the livelihood of your residents to be as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

In this critical and specialized industry, Master Guard Security have the best Security Officers that can provide security for your facility. To make sure we got everything covered when it comes to our clients’ safety and protection, our officers are highly trained in risk assessments and management, surveillance detection and planning, executive security consulting, estate and celebrity VIP protection, and executive protection. We also provide multilingual, CPR/AED certified officers, if needed.

Nursing Homes

The needs of nursing home facilities all vary from one another. Nursing homes are a complex, multidimensional construct that includes clinical care, opportunities for interpersonal relationships, the physical environment, and fulfillment. With the understanding that a more specialized brand of security services is needed, nursing homes can always count on Master Guard Security to address their security needs.

More than any other security company, Master Guard Security is best qualified to be your security partner for nursing home facilities. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of services, regarding your security and protection. Thanks to our efficient and innovative security services, we are the most sought out, as security experts, and because most companies often choose quantity and not quality; we here at Master Guard Security, subject our staff to ongoing training to provide you with the most qualified officers who understand the real issues that that nursing homes face.

Assistive living

Being a highly specialized security service provider, Master Guard Security has a strong foundation in understanding of the nature of assisted living facilities, including the security challenges they face. In these facilities day to day activities are very dynamic. The daily movements of various individuals are what makes these facilities both unique as well as the cause of security and safety issues these facilities face.

This crowd may consist of occupants who have diverse medical needs, medical staff, visitors, administrative staff and many others. Residents and staff should be able to move freely while keeping uninvited guests away. More importantly, the security measures shouldn’t stress or disturb the routine lifestyle of the residents in the facility. In fact, handling the security of an assisted living facility can be a complicated task for an untrained person.

Master Guard Security Personnel have an in-depth understanding of the challenges assistive living facilities face. They have security measures personalized to the specific needs of assisted living facilities. Being one of the most reputed and prestigious security firms in the industry, Master Guard Security has an exceptionally courteous, experienced and skilled staff to serve your facility. They are highly trained professionals who can handle any security related issue with much-needed patience and consideration.

Our experience

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement communities are multifaceted, complex dynamic environments. The residents are there with different medical, physical, emotional and psychological requirements.

The residents of these facilities with their intricate conditions are very sensitive to the slightest incidents that can take place within the facility. To ensure that their mental status remains healthy, providing a peaceful and well-secured environment is mandatory. Thus, it is crucial to ensure the security of the facility without compromising the mental well-being of the residents. Such conditions should be handled by a Master Guard Security Officer that has experience, knowledge, patience, and competence.

The residents in these facilities have susceptible and fragile health conditions such as dementia Alzheimer’s, and at risk for falls. Residents can wander off and eventually get lost or even meet accidents. For residents with these impairments, the potential for criminal activity due to their valuables and their inability to recall details can pose great challenges. There must be a professional security guard service in place to prevent such unfortunate incidents.

Because real security challenges require real security solutions, Master Guard Security provides clients with competent and highly qualified professionals, including multilingual security officers and on-site security directors, to provide a safe and secure environment.