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Movie Sets & Studios

Movie Sets & Studios

Master Guard Security is the leader when it comes to specialized movie studio security services with industry-specific requirements for many years now. Our company provided customized security solutions with professional, experienced, and discreet protection, for high-grade customers. Our scope of action is to conduct detailed risk assessments and to establish functional security plans, within a secure environment for the entertainment industry. Master Guard Security doesn’t believe in assumed security in any public/private setting situation.

We are there to provide peace of mind for your personnel, artists, actors, and celebrities through a professional security presence, to protect them, and also secure your assets.

Master Guard Security’s goal is to help our customers focus on their business, while we focus on ours. Ensuring safety in movie studios is essential for many reasons.

Master Guard Security takes pride in the superior qualifications of our highly trained staff. Our experienced security officers will ensure a secure, incident-free setting where your personnel, celebrities, and assets will be safe. By hiring Master Guard Security professional agents your studio set will be protected against unauthorized personnel, intruders, streakers, and other potential dangers and physical threats.